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Carson Stalnaker (born c. 1992) is a student at Hoover High School and an amateur filmmaker, posting videos of "amazing basketball shots" to YouTube that have been re-aired in commercials shown during the NCAA Final Four as well as at NBA arenas and Times Square. Stories about the videos have aired on ESPN2 and Fox Sports.

Stalnaker and several of his friends recorded themselves attempting spectacularly-improbably basketball shots and editing together the highlights from those that actually went through the basket. According to Stalnaker some shots took several hours of trials before going in, but the average was about an hour.

A clip of William Snoddy bouncing a ball off the roof of Stalnaker's neighbor's house, then once on their driveway before banking into a portable goal, was featured in the first of a series of short ads for Hampton Inn (touting that scoring [reward] points shouldn't be so difficult). Two others followed, with Stalnaker and his mother being flown to Chicago to re-record voiceovers for Draft FCB, the ad agency responsible for the campaign.

Other boys appearing in the videos include Jeff Keith, Chase Martin, Bryan Anderson, Barret Crawford, Jeffrey Higginbotham, Alex Watkins and Phil Latko, none of whom play for the Buccaneers' basketball team.


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