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The Cowart Drug Company is a pharmacy founded in 1920 by Cecil Cowart. It is located in the 1880s building now known as the Cowart Drug Company Building which had previously housed the Bondurant and Burke Drug Store. The business passed to Cowart's son, Steve in 1972, and was sold to Theresa Harris in 1993.

The Calera Lodge No. 445 of the Grand Lodge of Alabama owned the building and met in the upper floor until 2007. The lodge first considered selling the building to the CVS Corporation, which would have demolished it. Instead, they decided to sell it to Harris, who agreed to preserve and eventually restore the building, which is one of the contributing structures in Calera's historic downtown.

In 2008 CVS did open a drug store just around the corner. Harris plans to send them a welcome basket, saying that "Mr Cowart always told me that competition is a good thing."


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