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Desmond Wilson (born c. 1987 in Tuscaloosa) is an artist, designer, photographer, cinematographer, music producer and creative director for the Birmingham City Council.

Wilson is the second youngest of five children born to Steve Wilson, a Black Panther Party activist and publisher of the Greene County Democrat.

Wilson was a percussionist in the marching, jazz and concert bands at Oak Mountain High School and attended UAB on a music scholarship. He earned his bachelor's degree in music. After graduating, he founded the 1987 Supply Co. streetwear brand. In 2016 he accepted a position as senior art director for Agency54. He began working as creative director for the City Council in April 2017 to November 2019. From then to 2022 he was a senior managing producer of video content for Alabama Media Group. He launched the Black Arts Academy that year.

Wilson has also served on the board of directors for the Kuumba Community Arts Organization, on the young professionals board of Urban Impact, and on the youth advisory council for the United Negro College Fund.


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