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Dream Feel was a Birmingham rock band formed in 1993. Drummer Steve Rockett and bassist Jason Ramage joined with guitarists Jason Smith and Charles Phillips, to form the group. Jason Williams was added as lead vocalist, and Dream Feel was officially born. Jason Williams departed from the band early on, and Jonathan Channell assumed this role. Bassist Jason Ramage also left the band, and was replaced by John Fievet. In 1995 Jonathan Channell left the band. This departure resulted in Jason Smith becoming both rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist.

Dream Feel primarily performed original music from their No Time To Sleep release. The songs had limited success locally. The group was selected to open for Quiet Riot, Moist, and other nationally touring groups, during this period, at Louies in Five Points South. The band performed at many local music venues such as the Nick, Norms, and Rocking Horse. They also performed regionally in Tuscaloosa, Auburn, New Orleans, and Jacksonville.

The group disbanded in 1995. Steve Rockett and Jason Smith went on to form the Birmingham based band Needles Down. Charles Phillips joined a collaboration that would later become Broken Thoughts.


Steve Rockett-Drums (aka Rockett)

Jason Smith-Guitar/Vocals (aka Smithtone)

Jason Ramage-Bass (aka BamBam)

Jason Williams-Vocals (aka Williams)

Charles Phillips-Guitar (aka Charlie Cobb)

John Fievet-Bass (aka Johnny Tide)

Jonathan Channell-Vocals