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Dyatron Corportation (originally Computerized Automotive Reporting Services Incorporated or C.A.R.S. Inc.) was a Birmingham-based technology company created to support the automotive sales industry. It was incorporated on January 22, 1965 by Key-Royal Automotive founder John Williamson, Beverly Head, Jr, J. C. Delk, J. Lynch and J. R. Forman.

The company, located at 12 Office Park Circle, provided computer-based processing for automobile dealerships' daily reports and other data. The company acquired Huntsville's General Computer Services as it expanded its capabilities to include payroll and personnel records processing, mortgage processing, corporate billing and other markets.

Head's son, Bev III began working at C.A.R.S. in 1969 and took over as chairman and CEO. The company changed its name to the Dyatron Corporation in 1980. Dyatron sold its payroll software division to McCormack & Dodge. The rest of the firm was sold to SunGard Data Systems in 1989.