Elyton Land Company building

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Elyton Land Company building
Later state of the former Elyton Land Company building

The Elyton Land Company building was a three-story brick office building constructed in 1883 for the Elyton Land Company. It was located on the northeast corner of 20th Street and Morris Avenue.

Construction of the building coincided with the company's emergence into profitability after more than a decade of promoting the growth of Birmingham with ambitious manufacturing and municipal investment. The company's second president Henry Caldwell observed the emergence of Birmingham's potential as a "Magic City". The newly-opened office remained busy pricing and drafting sales receipts for properties that were often sold hours later by speculators at a sizable profit.

The Elyton Land Company building was demolished in 1952 and served as a parking lot for the John A. Hand Building until a new parking deck was built to support the renovation of the building as residences and offices for The Bank of Birmingham in 1997.