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Garage Kitty or G. K. (born c. 2001 - died July 15, 2007) was a resident stray cat at the Garage Café on 10th Terrace South in Southside. The short-haired tortoiseshell found her way to the bar as a kitten. After a while she was adopted by the bar staff. They sponsored her neutering and immunizations and gave her a place to sleep in a store room. She spent much of her time in the role of bar mascot, perched on the bar's sign, where she would swipe a paw at patrons. She also nicked food scraps in the courtyard, but generally shied away from being petted.

G. K. was hit by a car outside the bar on Sunday, July 15, 2007. She was taken to an animal hospital as soon as she was found, but could not be saved.


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