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"Hallelujah FM", is a Clear Channel-owned radio station that broadcasts classic and contemporary gospel music to the Birmingham market on the FM 105.1 frequency, a low-power "translator" station that was made available by the Federal Communications Commission in 2011.

The format scored high ratings on WENN-FM (105.9 FM and 105.5 FM) from 2003 to 2006, but was dropped in favor of of WVBB-FM ("The Vulcan"), an alternative rock station. The switchover, which cost the city its only FM gospel station, prompted some protests at Kelly Ingram Park.

The new Hallelujah FM is one of several similarly-programmed stations operated by Clear Channel in Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Montgomery. The station's "Early Morning Praise Party" is produced in Memphis and hosted by Michael Adrian Davis, Sherry Mackey and Eileen Collier.

Hallelujah FM has plans to operate a van, "The Holy Roller" to promote the station at local events.

Preceded by:
FM 105.1
June 20, 2011
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  • Garrison, Greg (July 23, 2011) "Hallelujah FM is back in Birmingham after being yanked from the air in 2006." Birmingham News

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