JoJo's Gun and Pawn

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JoJo's Gun and Pawn in June 2007

JoJo's Gun and Pawn was a pawn shop and gun dealer located at 4612 5th Avenue South in Avonwood. It was run by Jimmy Stegall and his father, who bought the store and its inventory in early 2006.

Jojo's has appeared on various lists of "internet firearms dealers." Former owner Bill Dollar advertised free transfer of firearms ordered from out-of-state mail order dealers under his store's Federal Firearms License.

In August, September and October 2002, JoJo's sold 17 handguns to 3 different members of a trafficking ring which re-sold them illegally in Chicago. Several guns used in shootings in Chicago were traced back to the store. The traffickers, Rondell Jones, Joseph Murray and an accomplice, were prosecuted, but JoJo's was not.

On November 2, 2005 customer Alethea Brewster, 24, was accidently shot and killed in the store while handling guns which she was considering for purchase.

The store closed in 2011 and the building was demolished in February 2013.