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Kevin McGowin (born November 6, 1970 in Birmingham - died January 18, 2005 in Birmingham) was a poet, creative writing teacher and author.

He earned a bachelor of arts in literature at Auburn University Montgomery and a master's and PhD in English at the University of Florida where he did research on William Blake and children's literature. He taught at several colleges across the country and was a contributing editor to the Oyster Boy Review in Pacifica, California from 1993 to 2003 and a reviewer for Eclectica in New Orleans, Louisiana from then until his death from accidental choking.

His "Benny Poda Trilogy" (The Benny Poda Years, Town Full of Hoors and What God Has Joined Together) was published online in installments by Levee67, publisher of the Oyster Bay Review.

In 2000 McGowin recorded an album of original folk songs entitled Love & Pity (A Priori). He wrote on Underwood No. 5 and Olivetti 22 typewriters, then made revisions on computer. He had one son, Holden, with his former wife, Bonnie. He was buried in Montgomery.


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