Killing Christian

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Killing Christian is a 2005, dark comedy film shot completely in Birmingham. The film was written by Laura Mullins and Jason Kendall, directed by Jason O'Brien, and starred mostly local talent. Filming took place over 28 days during the summer of 2004. It premiered November 10, 2005 at the Galleria 10 to a sold out crowd of over 450.

It was followed in 2009 by a "making of" documentary called How to Kill Christian: Or How We Made Our First Movie and Didn't Kill Each Other.


The story centers on three individuals, Hunter Chase (Kendall), Talon McCormick (Lucky Solis), and Faith Grayson (Stacy Vance), who are all in love with a man named Mark Devlin (Chris Rice). Although the three hate each other, when Mark suddenly introduces his new fiancée, Christian Wood (Abbi Butler), to each of them, they come together to plot to eliminate her.

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