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This is a list of polluters, including the facilities in Jefferson County with the greatest tonnage of airborne particle emissions in 2010.

  1. Alabama Power Company, Miller Steam Plant, West Jefferson: 40,569 tons (since reduced by approximately half)
  2. Drummond Company, Pinson: 19,541 tons
  3. Walter Coke, Collegeville: 9,030 tons
  4. U.S. Steel, Fairfield Works: 4,481 tons
  5. Lehigh Cement, Fountain Heights: 3,330 tons
  6. Rockwool, Leeds, 2,063 tons
  7. ACIPCO, North Birmingham, 1,943 tons
  8. Oak Grove Resources, Adger, 1,275 tons
  9. CMC Steel, Woodlawn, 933 tons
  10. U.S. Pipe, Bessemer, 739 tons


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