MAX Transit Route 45

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MAX route 45 serves the areas of Downtown, Five Points West, Vinesville/Bellview, Fairfield, Midfield, Brighton, Lipscomb, Downtown and North Bessemer, and Jonesboro.

Important stops along the route include:

The route starts at Central going north on Eighteenth Street North and then turns east on Third Avenue North. It continues to Twenty-Second Street and turns south, turning immediately west onto Second Avenue North. It then turns north at Sixth Place, then west on Third Avenue North. It continues along Bessemer Road to Vinesville Road then follows Vinesville into Fairfield. The route then goes southeast on Aaron Aronov Drive, then southwest on Bessemer Super Highway. It continues thusly until it crosses the Mary Bryant Bridge, then turns south on Eighteenth Street Bessemer. It turns west on Fourth Avenue North Bessemer and continues to Jonesboro, following Ninth Street South, then Fairfax Avenue before looping around Jonesboro Elementary School and following First Street North Bessemer back to Fourth Avenue North Bessemer. It takes a loop down First Avenue North Bessemer before taking Nineteenth Street Bessemer back to Ninth Avenue Bessemer for the return trip along the same route.