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MBA Engineers Inc. is a structural and civil engineering firm located in the Blach's building at 300 20th Street North. The president of the company is Keith Owens.

The firm was funded in 1928 and operated as Hudson & Associates. The firm was incorporated in 1969 and remained until 1978 when Hugh Marlin, David Funk and Charles Ball were added as principals to the firm of Hudson, Ball, Funk & Marlin, Inc.. By 1982 Funk had left, and the name of the firm became Hudson, Ball, Marlin & Associates. In 1986 it was expanded to Hudson, Ball, Marlin, Barnett & Associates. After Hudson's retirement, it became Ball, Marlin, Bridges & Associates in 1994. In 2001 it took the name Marlin, Bridges & Associates, which was simplified to MBA Engineers Inc. in 2002.

From the 1960s to 2007 the firm was located at 3620 8th Avenue South, Suite 110 in Highland Office Park.

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