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The MACESS Corporation was a technology innovation company located at 1401 21st Place South that developed integrated solutions for businesses related to automating workflow processes, innovative imaging technologies, and hybrid solutions for digitizing and electronic forms management. MACESS started out as an in-house project at Complete Health, but was spun off into a separate company in the late 1980s after the technology was deemed viable. The company developed electronic forms that were used to digitize and adjudicate health services claims and provide member services personnel with immediate access to individual beneficiary records. They expanded this technology to allow other companies, such as USPS, to digitize and manage large quantities of records. The software product was named I-MAX, which stood for Internal Messaging and Exchange.

The acronym MACESS originally stood for Member and Claims Electronic Support Systems.

Alan Ritchey was the president of the company.

MACESS was aquired by SunGard Data Systems in October of 1995.