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This article is about the rock band, for other uses, see Marathon (disambiguation).
Marathon's 1984 single, "Check It Out" / "Love Is Blind".

Marathon was a rock band formed in the early 1980s by bassist/vocalist Lissa LeGrand, guitarists Josie Grable and Linda Collier, and drummer Regina Cates. The group played a range of high-energy pop, rock and blues songs, both old and new, including original music.

In 1984 the group recorded an independently-released single, "Check It Out" / "Love Is Blind," joined by keyboardist Charlotte Williams. Tony Wachter was co-producer and recording engineer.

By 1986 the Carole Griffin had joined the group as lead vocalist, along with saxophonist Julie Trippe. They practiced in a large home on Southside dubbed the Marathon House and recorded music with engineer Lucy Tatman.

By the end of the decade, Griffin had moved on to lead the Sugar La-Las.


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