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Marcus Raby (born in Birmingham) is an actor, playwright, author and motivational speaker. He is also the founder of AMRAE Entertainment, a stage production company, AMRAE Publishing, and AMRAE Ministries, which provides arts training to area youth. He also works as an event promoter and graphic designer for Roosevelt Hatcher, Jr's The IDP Firm.


  • Raby, Marc (2004) "Does Love Conquer All?"
  • Raby, Marc (2004) "Love Shouldn't Hurt So Bad"
  • Raby, Marc (2004) "Show Me Where It Hurts"
  • Raby, Marc (2005) "We Were There"
  • Raby, Marc (2010) "He's Not the Man I Married!"


  • Raby, Marc (2008) No Josh, No!
  • Raby, Marc (2009) Love and Insecurity
  • Raby, Marc (2010) Reach High Malik
  • Raby, Marc (2010) Hey Pretty Girl
  • Raby, Marc (2010) Even Me: Maintaining Faith in Uncertain Times

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