Meadowlark Farm

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Meadowlark Farm was a fine restaurant located in the 1946 Cairns farmhouse at 534 Industrial Road in Alabaster. French-trained chef Nicholas Cairns and his wife, Raphael converted his boyhood home into a restaurant in the 1970s. They eventually added a small residence for themselves next to the house.

The restaurant was known for European-inspired farm-to-table cuisine served in a private setting and hosted notables such as the Rolling Stones after their 1994 visit to Legion Field.

Cairns was joined by chefs Jennifer Tousignant and Ray Daniels

Cairns retired and closed the restaurant in 1997. The building was purchased by the adjacent Kingwood Church in 2005 and operated as The Cates House, hosting weddings and other special events. The church put the 4-acre property up for auction in 2014.


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