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New World public administration software is an accounting system purchased from New World Systems of Troy, Michigan and implemented for the City of Birmingham's Department of Finance beginning in 2006. Planned to replace the "blue book" reports generated monthly by a mainframe computer with up-to-the-minute financial data, the system required years of installation, coordination, testing and training before it "went live" in July 2008.

The system was selected by the city's Information Management Services director John Wade and a $2.8 million contract to install and maintain New World's Logos.NET browser-based financial management, human resources and payroll management products was approved in Spring 2006.

In January 2008 the City Council approved a $1.4 million service contract with Tech Providers to continue installation and training for the software package. In the fall of 2008 Mayor Larry Langford requested an approval for an additional $3.285 million contract to continue that work. The council approved a reduced contract of $2,721,359.41 on September 16.

In September 2009 city finance officials and Mayor Larry Langford were still claiming that the system's reports were inaccurate for any given date as inputs and outflows from the city's general fund followed differing schedules.


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