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Norris Hadaway (born in Bessemer) was the manager of the Alabama Theatre in the 1950s.

Hadaway worked at both the Grand Theater and Imperial Theater in his home town of Bessemer. After graduating from Bessemer High School, he left for Tampa, Florida in 1927. The following year he began working for Wilby-Kincey, which would later buy the Alabama from Publix.

Not long after moving to Tampa, Hadaway was sent to work at the 'Bama Theater in Tuscaloosa. In 1936, Hadaway was transferred to North Carolina. He stayed there for 14 years, eventually becoming Wilby-Kincey's city theater manager for Greensboro, NC. He moved from there to Birmingham to replace the resigning Francis Falkenburg in 1950 as manager of both the Alabama and Lyric Theatres.

Hadaway stayed in Birmingham until 1956, when he was promoted to general manager of the 30 Wilby-Kincey theaters throughout the Southeast. The promotion required he move to Wilby-Kincey headquarters in Atlanta.

Hadaway was married to the former Lois Fuller, with whom he had at least four children.

Preceded by:
Francis Falkenburg
Alabama Theatre Manager
Succeeded by:
Mack Russell