Personification of Ensley

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"Personification of Ensley" is a painted mural on the northwest side of Gilmer Drugs at 413 19th Street in Ensley. It was painted in October 2019 by artist Jamie Bonfiglio.

The mural was commissioned by Ensley Alive with support from the Bethesda Life Center. In planning the mural, local residents were asked, "If Ensley was a person, what would that look like?" and the consensus response, according to Bonfliglio was, "a 20-something, resilient, black woman who takes no mess."

The female personification of Ensley wears a vibrant dress with a military cap. Reflecting Ensley's musical heritage, she sports a piano key sash and wields a trumpet as, "her weapon." The blue background represents, "the waters where life begins."

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