R. L. Zeigler

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R. L. Zeigler

Rebel Louis Zeigler (born August 12, 1890 in Greenville, Butler County; May 30, 1965 in Pickens County) was a grocer who founded the R. L. Zeigler Co meat processing company in 1927.

Zeigler was the son of John Preston Brooks Zeigler and the former Sallie Ann Moore of Butler County. He spent his early years on his family's farm before they moved to Ensley in 1897. After finishing grade school in Birmingham he moved to Bessemer and worked for a grocer and at the Cudahy Packing Company. He married the former Sophie Krahenbuhl in 1911.

In 1920 he opened his own grocery store. He soon began producing sausages popular with workers at nearby industries. In 1927 he turned to full-time meat packing. He later introduced vacuum-sealed lunch meat to Alabama markets, expanding the business.

Zeigler retired from business in 1957. He died from arteriosclerosis in 1965 at his Green Pastures Ranch outside of Aliceville in Pickens County. He was buried in a family mausoleum at Elmwood Cemetery.


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