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Rickey Kennedy (born 1954) is the interim deputy Director of Public Works for the City of Birmingham.

Kennedy ran Rickey's Lawn Service before joining the Birmingham Department of Public Works. He held that job for seven years before moving to Chicago. He returned in 2002 and rejoined Public Works. As a landscaping supervisor, he headed a 12-person crew which maintained city-owned landscaping from Carver High School to downtown, including the Civil Rights District, Linn Park and City Hall.

In November 2007, newly-elected Mayor Larry Langford named Kennedy to succeed Stephen Fancher as head of the department, based on his observation of the meticulous care taken with Linn Park.

In April 2008, the Jefferson County Personnel Board declined to affirm Kennedy as director of Public Works because he does not have a college degree. The personnel board classifies Kennedy as "interim deputy" director. Ronnie Vaughn is listed as acting director. Langford plans to appeal the current board's decision, to a new board established under newly-passed legislation.


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