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Samford Together was an identity-based student organization which applied for recognition at Samford University in 2016. The stated goal of the group was, "to provide a forum for SU students who want to discuss topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity."

Samford Together was granted provisional status to operate as a campus organization in spring 2016, and was approved by the Student Senate that fall. The faculty senate followed up with a vote for the organization in April 2017. That step prompted statements of opposition from the leaders of the Alabama Baptist State Convention and the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. On July 5 those state organizations issued an open letter to then-president Andrew Westmoreland, warning of "serious implications" if the organization were recognized, along with a "call to prayer" to individual Baptists. Westmoreland ultimately declined to bring the matter to the University's Board of Trustees, on the basis that even though it did not intend to conduct advocacy, that the publicity regarding its application would implicate the University in advocacy against its mission.

The group later ceased to operate. In 2022, Samford Prism was publicly launched. It is a non-Samford-affiliated organization seeking to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ Samford students and allies.


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