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Sean Q. Meyer (born c. 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) was Birmingham's only full-time sommelier, splitting time between Highlands Bar and Grill, Bottega, Bottega Cafe and Chez Fonfon from 2005 to 2006.

Meyer, who trained as an opera singer before going into fine dining. He worked as a waiter in St Croix, at La Belle Vie in Minneapolis, and at All Seasons Café in Calistoga, California before finding a position at Bouchon Restaurant in Napa Valley that advanced his training in wine service. He targeted Stitt's restaurants in Birmingham as his next logical move, and made his care. A new position was created for him to serve as sommelier and bar director for all four restaurants, beginning November 1, 2005. He left after a year to launch a consulting business, Q Sommelier. He left Birmingham to serve as sommelier and wine educator for Jackson's Artisans & Estates in Napa Valley and is pursuing certification as a "master sommelier".