Sicard Hollow Road

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Sicard Hollow Road is the name of a seven mile section of Jefferson County Road 60 which extends from Grants Mill Road (where it becomes Rex Lake Road going into Leeds) southwest along the southern border of Liberty Park and the Vestavia Hills Sport Complex, over Pine Ridge. It crosses Coal Creek near its confluence with the Little Cahaba River just over the Shelby County line, and west past the Cahaba Pumping Station to an intersection with Blue Lake Drive near the I-459/Highway 280 interchange. Sicard Hollow Road provides sole access to the Lake Purdy Dam, Glenwood Mental Health Services, and the Jefferson County section of Cahaba Beach Road.

Sicard Hollow Road derives its name from the family of Paul Sicard, a French immigrant who came to Birmingham in the 1920s and founded the Lake Purdy Coal Company on Pine Ridge, north of the lake. A commonly-repeated folk etymology of the name holds that it evolved from the phrase "See Cart, Holler", referring to the need to warn people on the road of runaway coal carts.

Tynes Development Corporation is currently widening and straightening a section of the road to access their planned 466-home Cotswald (sic) subdivision.


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