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Space One Eleven is a non-profit community arts organization located at 2409 2nd Avenue North in the Loft District. Founded in 1986 by Anne Arrasmith and Peter Prinz, Space One Eleven offers free after-school and summer camp arts programs for children in area community housing projects, gallery showings for local and international artists, and for-pay art classes for adults, among other projects.

Space One Eleven received support from the Birmingham Museum of Art before it began receiving grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Under the leadership of Arrasmith and Prinz, Space One Eleven has made it possible for inner-city children to participate in art through their City Center Art Program.

Perhaps the most dramatic projects for Space One Eleven is the Birmingham Urban Mural, freestanding mosaic panels immediately east of the Birmingham Museum of Art made from thousands of clay tiles fired by the children.

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