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Taco Casa is a family-owned Tuscaloosa-based chain of fast-food Mexican restaurants founded in 1974 by Rod and Susan Wilkin.

Rod Wilkin grew up in the Midwest, but was recruited to punt for the Crimson Tide in 1968. With a small inheritance he had built up on the stock market, he moved back to Tuscaloosa from Wichita, Kansas to open his first restaurant. Carl Knight of Knight Sign Industries designed the business' iconic cactus-shaped sign.

Rod's brother. Larry, moved to Alabama to join the business a few years later. It has since employed a second generation of the family. Ben is vice-president of marketing; Rod II is vice-president of operations; and Brett is vice-president of personnel. All three have managed stores, and still commonly work shifts at the restaurants during lunch rush. The company's offices moved from Watermelon Road to a new building at 1060 Fairfax Park in 2000.


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