Tannehill Valley Estates bridge

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Tannehill Valley Estates bridge in 2010

The Tannehill Valley Estates bridge is a 45-foot-long stringer-type covered bridge built in 1972 across Tannehill Mill Creek off Eastern Valley Road at the entrance to the Tannehill Valley Estates subdivision. It was built by the family of Walter Russell and donated to the neighborhood by him.

The bridge was renovated in 2004, and again in 2015, at which time the original cedar shingle roof was replaced with a metal roof. The $6,800 project was undertaken by Bubba Grantham with funds raised from neighborhood residents by John Elam, Bob Free and Carl Smith.


  • Chambers, Jesse (July 11, 2015) "Neighborhood near Tannehill repairs its covered bridge, a 'rustic' West Jefferson 'icon'." The Birmingham News

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