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Sport {{{sport}}}
League {{{league}}}
Active {{{years}}}
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Record Uncertain
Coach {{{coach}}}
Website N/A


This template is for sports teams. The following parameters are required and none of them automatically link:

  • name (name of the team)
  • sport (type of sport played)
  • league (league in which the team played)
  • years (year(s) the team played)
  • home (home arena/field)
  • coach (coach or coaches; multiple individuals should be listed with the years they coached and separated by line breaks (<br>); for particularly long-lived teams, only the current coach or notable coaches might be listed)

The following parameters are optional, but will display the default if not specified:

  • logo (team logo, defaults to blank space)
  • field type (used for "Home field" header; typically "field" or "arena", defaults to "field")
  • coach text (used for "Coach" header; defaults to "Coach")
  • record (In Win-Loss-Tie format; defaults to "Uncertain")
  • website (official website for the team; use normal external link format (e.g. [http://www.barons.com/ barons.com/]); defaults to "N/A")


{{Infobox team | name=Birmingham Bulls
| logo=[[Image:Birmingham_Bulls_1980s_logo.gif|225px]]
| sport=Hockey
| league=CHL
| years=1979–1981
| field type=arena
| home=[[Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex|BJCC]]
| coach=[[John Brophy]]
Birmingham Bulls
Birmingham Bulls 1980s logo.gif
Sport Hockey
League CHL
Active 1979–1981
Home arena BJCC
Record Uncertain
Coach(es) John Brophy
Website N/A