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Locate with
Google Maps


  • street (spaces must be replaced with "+"; abbreviations ("Ave" for "Avenue") are preferred)
  • city (spaces must be replaced with "+", defaults to "Birmingham")
  • state (defaults to "AL")
  • zoom (0-17, recommended 10-16, defaults to 13)
  • type ("m" for map (default), "k" for satellite, "h" for hybrid)

The recommended method for using this template is to search Google Maps for your street (e.g. "3rd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL") to see what it returns, then use that as the parameters for this template. There are some streets this template won't work with.

Note that floating an image to the right immediately below this template can cause the image to cover some of the text.

Locate with
Google Maps

{{Locate street | street=Slayden+Ave | zoom=14}}