The Crest on Red Mountain

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The Crest on Red Mountain was a proposed gated residential community with 21 single-family homes and 68 condominiums in a 6-story building. The development was planned by George Barber, whose residence currently sits on the 15.5-acre property above Richard Arrington Jr Boulevard South near Woodcrest Road on Red Mountain.

A tense months-long dispute over the merits of the proposal had apparently ended when the Birmingham City Council, swayed by the organized opposition of the Redmont Park neighborhood, voted 7-2 against rezoning the property for multifamily residential uses. In the months since, Barber Companies, led by vice-president of corporate development Don Erwin, continued to present the project to neighborhood associations throughout the city, resulting in the reversal of a non-binding vote in the Citizens Advisory Board, which asked the Council to rehear the issue. The council declined the request on a 4-3 vote.

Under Birmingham's zoning ordinance, a developer can resubmit a proposal after a one-year waiting period.


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