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Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is a 140-acre wild animal sanctuary which relocated from Florida to Attalla in 2006 after sustaining hurricane damage. The facility has more than 60 animal residents, including 30 large carnivores who will spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary's care.

Tigers for Tomorrow was founded by Susan Steffens and Wilbur McCauley in 1999 on a 14-acre site in Fort Pierce, Florida. After weathering three hurricanes (Frances, Jeanne and Wilma) the group began looking for a less vulnerable location. The opportunity to take over operation of the Bluegrass Farms Wildlife Sanctuary near Attalla presented itself in 2005 when owners Ty and Hope Harris added two new children to their family. Tigers for Tomorrow took over operations while the Harris' remain on the advisory board.

During early 2006 Tigers for Tomorrow transported its animals to the new facility in stages. A planned public grand opening in June 2006 was postponed when the facility agreed to accept 6 cougars and 2 tigers from the failed K & R Sanctuary in Panama City.


Tigers for Tomorrow houses tigers, African lions, mountain lions, cougars, panthers, a black leopard, servals, gray wolves, a black bear, a camel, three African spurred tortoises and assorted non-exotics. In 2019 two Southern African white lions were brought to the sanctuary from Zooville USA in Plant City, Florida.


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