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The Trussville Police Department serves the City of Trussville, northeast of Birmingham, with a population of approximately 13,000. The department is located at 131 Main Street. The city jail was completed in 1993 and is located on the first floor of the building. The jail has a maximum capacity of 32 inmates.

Police chiefs


The Trussville Police Department consists of 55 employees: 37 patrol officers, 3 resource officers for the Trussville City Schools, 4 investigators and 11 support personnel. There are five primary operational areas: Administration, Investigations, Patrol, Communications and Jail, and the Records.

  • Administration reports directly to the mayor.
  • Investigation is headed by Paul Skaggs and is responsible for all criminal investigations within the city.
  • Patrol is divided into 6 twelve hour shifts and is responsible for general patrol and public safety within the city.
  • Communications and Jail is responsible for both jail operations and general dispatch for emergency services within the city.
  • Records is responsible for data entry of crime statistics and citations.

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