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Valspar Coatings is a manufacturing plant located on a 16.5 acre site at 90 Carson Road in Birmingham. It is owned by the Minnesota-based Valspar Corporation, the sixth largest paint and coatings manufacturer in the world. The Birmingham plant manufactures liquid coatings that are applied to metal food and beverage cans.

Valspar purchased the coatings plant in Pinson Valley from Dexter Packaging Products in 1999. Dexter built the plant in 1976 and had expanded regularly. Valspar has added capacity to the plant as well, most recently with an announced $3 million expansion in 2006. The project, part of a corporate consolidation that involves the closing of 7 other plants worldwide, will increase output of the plant by 50% and expand the range of products made to 900 from 750. The workforce is expected to increase from a little over 100 to over 160.


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