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Warren Truss (born May 2, 1772 in Pitt County, North Carolina, died September 16, 1837), son of Samuel and Mary Forbes Truss, and a wealthy farmer, was an early settler in Jefferson County, and the namesake of the present city of Trussville. Warren's brother Joel Truss had visited the area before 1810. Sometime between 1817 and 1820 he and Warren and their families made their way to the Advent Circle area between Argo and Trussville, then part of St Clair County. Warren Truss married Nancy King in North Carolina in 1797 and two years later celebrated the birth of their first son, Enos. By the time of the 1820 census, he is counted with 8 male dependents, 1 female, and 17 slaves. The Truss' children included Enos, John, Susanna, Wiley, Arthur, Warren Jr, Samuel, Josiah, Thomas, and Zilpha. Of these, only Thomas and Zilpha were born in Alabama. Zilpha died at 7 years old.

In 1821, Warren Truss purchased land on the bank of the Cahaba River in Jefferson County and there established a grist mill and the settlement that became known as "Truss", and later as Trussville. He erected a small log building for use as a school, meeting house and church. In 1827 he deeded the building, then called the Cahaba Meeting House, to the Baptist church. Truss died at 65. He and his wife are buried in that church's cemetery on Highway 11.