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The Youth Violence Project is a film project directed by June Mack and her UAB students. The project is producing two feature films on the subject of youth violence and planning workshops on using community projects to address the same issue in other cities.

The project started in 2005 with students interviewing 50 individuals involved with youth violence (gang members, teenagers in prison, parents, teachers, psychologists, law enforcement and social workers). In 2006 the class developed a fictional storyline for a feature film based on composite characters drawn from the interviews and shot it using volunteer actors. In 2007 students edited footage of the original interviews for a companion feature-length documentary. The 2008 class is planning to tour the United States giving workshops on how they worked in the community to generate the films as tools for dialog and healing.


  • Youth Violence: Inside the Skin (2007), directed by June Mack. produced by Siobhan Sullivan
  • Voice of Youth Violence (2008) , directed and produced by June Mack.

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