Beck Candy & Grocery Co.

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Beck Candy & Grocery Co was a wholesale grocery concern and food product supplier, headquartered at 1605-1607 1st Avenue North. The company manufactured and sold fresh Becco brand potato chips for resale at numerous Birmingham stores as well as outlets in Georgia and Mississippi. The retail price for the snack ranged from 5 to 15 cents; a feature writer for the Birmingham News described the 10- and 15-cent packages as "sufficient to provide all the potato chips needed with a steak or anything else for the average family at a meal."

The company also produced and sold Becco peanut butter and "Becco peanut sandwiches" on round, square and graham crackers. The peanut butter was made from a blend of peanuts grown in Norfolk, Virginia, and Spanish peanuts grown in south Alabama.


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