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George Campbell "Cam" Langley (born c. 1948 in Norfolk, Virginia; died March 15, 2013 in Birmingham) was a glass artist.

Langley grew up in Virginia Beach and earned a bachelor's in civil engineering from Virginia Tech in 1970. He worked for the Virginia Department of Health and at his father's firm, Langley, McDonald & Overman Consulting Engineers.

Soon Langley became interested in glass blowing and glass art. He contacted the influential Harvey Littleton and, at his suggestion, enrolled in a 3-week course at the Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina. He then studied for four years as a non-degree student at the University of Wisconsin on a National Endowment of the Arts apprentice fellowship. After leaving Wisconsin he moved back to Virginia, and then to Birmingham where he married fellow artist Janice Kluge. His tradition of giving her bouquets of glass flowers evolved into his primary production interest as a studio artist. He was known for skillfully interpreting many native Southern plants in glass.

Langley died in 2013 of complications from neuroendrocine cancer.