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Lee K. Seitz (born in the early 1970s in Birmingham) is an editor for Bhamwiki, where his primary jobs seems to be copy editor and living embodiment of conflict of interest.


Seitz is the only child of Karl and Pat Seitz. Born in Birmingham, where his father worked for the Birmingham Post-Herald, his parents moved to Homewood while he was still a toddler for the city's excellent school system.

His parents never tied themselves to the immediate area they lived in, so he saw much of the Birmingham metropolitan area while growing up. His first dentist was in West End, he went to the Barber College in Roebuck to get his hair cut, he accompanied his mother to a shop in Norwood to get her film developed, and naturally made frequent trips downtown to drop off or pick up his father for work. He was also no stranger to Eastwood Mall and Century Plaza, even though Brookwood Village and Mountain Brook Village, which they also visited, were closer. (But Western Hills Mall was not one he visited much, if at all.) And, of course, he was familiar with several stores along Montgomery Highway in Vestavia Hills and Hoover. There were also frequent trips to the Birmingham Zoo and the more occasional ones to the standard attractions like Arlington Antebellum Home, the Botanical Gardens, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Red Mountain Museum, and Vulcan.

While Seitz was entering Shades Cahaba Elementary School, his mother became a fan of the Birmingham Bulls hockey team. She eventually took on the duty of writing/editing the newsletter of the Birmingham Bulls Backers, the team's official fan club. As a result, Seitz attended many of the Bulls home games and several Bulls Backers gatherings.

After the Bulls folded, his mother kept in touch with the Bulls' former team tailor by visiting his store in Five Points South. These trips, combined with her interest in local history, led her to join the Birmingham Historical Society and eventually becoming a historical tour guide in Five Points for the group. She later began helping out in their office. This led to Seitz doing some basic research for the group at the Linn-Henley Research Library for two summers. It also allowed him to play the part of a ghost one Halloween at Sloss Furnaces (some years before Sloss Fright Furnace started).

Seitz's father, meanwhile, was an avid fan of model railroads and made regular trips to Spivey's Hobby and Toys and Homewood Toy & Hobby, which Seitz often accompanied him on. As Seitz became interested first in role-playing games and later comic books, both of which Homewood Toy & Hobby carried during the 1980s, his trips with his father to the store became much more regular. Seitz's primary comic book store, however, was Lion & Unicorn, again in Five Points South. He had eagerly awaited its opening and stayed a loyal customer until a year or two after he'd begun college out-of-town. Seitz's parents were very supportive of his comic book hobby and would often take him to the flea market at the Alabama State Fairgrounds to look for back issues.

During Seitz's years at Homewood High School, he was a member of the Homewood Patriot Marching Band. During this time, he performed with the band in Atlanta for Macy's Christmas Parade and the Coca-Cola Centennial, Philadelphia for the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution, New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of the elder George Bush. During this same time, Seitz's family got a modem for their computer and he became somewhat active in the local BBS scene and an avid reader of BTN.

Meanwhile, his mother became a volunteer at the Alabama Theatre. Seitz eventually joined her as a volunteer. He was trained on the theatre's spotlight and operated it for many shows over the years, both as a volunteer (e.g. Christmas at the Alabama) and a paid operator on all sorts of shows, from the Alabama Ballet to Megadeth. He was also a pallbearer for many Phantom of the Opera performances and an usher at the Alabama Walk of Fame induction ceremony and the Birmingham premiere of 4 Little Girls, among other events. When the Alabama Symphony Orchestra spent a summer based at the Alabama, Seitz got a job doing setup and take-down for the orchestra's "Pops in the Park" series that season. He also joined the Alabama Chapter of ATOS as a full member after moving out on his own.

After graduating from high school in 1989, Seitz attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville, eventually settling there and raising a family. (Noting his early history, it is interesting to note this is the only university in the state with an ice hockey team.) However, his parents continue to live in Birmingham and his overactive nostalgia gland constantly reminds him of his days there. As a result, he made the mistake of staying up late one night in 2006, updating the Wikipedia entry on the Alabama Theatre. This generated feedback from Dystopos inviting him to participate at Bhamwiki and it's only gone downhill from there.


Key to the wiki.jpg

This award is given on July 18, 2006 in recognition of and appreciation for your hard work on behalf of BhamWiki. Thank you. --Dystopos 11:23, 18 July 2006 (PDT)


  • Seitz's photo appeared in the Post-Herald three times as a child: when he was born (as his father was an employee), as a model with his mother playing Mastermind, and as an anonymous model for a story on child depression. His photo also appeared once in The Birmingham News in an article about activities at the Homewood Parks and Recreation Board's summer camp program.
  • Although he shares the same last name as the owners of Little Professor Book Center and his mother worked at the Homewood store in the late 1980s, Seitz is only distantly related to them. Furthermore, this relationship only became known sometime after she began and after some genealogical research.
  • Seitz is not related to Karl Zeitz, a former Birmingham Mercedes mechanic whose calls Seitz's family sometimes got.
  • Seitz married the daughter of User:Dystopos' father's cousin. I believe this makes him a fifth cousin of the Project to Document the Birmingham District. --Dystopos 14:13, 28 November 2008 (PST)
    • This relationship was not known until Seitz had been working with Dystopos on the site for about two years.

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