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By location

  • Any interest in further categorizing churches by location? It would be a whole separate structure than the category now by denomination... --Dystopos (talk) 09:48, 3 May 2023 (PDT)
    • And if so, do we call it "religious institutions" or something so that masjids, temples, etc. qualify without being misnamed. --Dystopos (talk) 09:55, 3 May 2023 (PDT)
      • "Religious institutions" is an option. That would (or could) include schools, missions, recreation associations (YMHA, YMCA, JCC, etc.). "House of worship" is another term that is used to be inclusive of synagogues, mosques/masjids, etc. But it doesn't always fit with Buddhist centers. I see Wikipedia uses "Religious buildings and structures" David Bains (talk) 15:30, 7 May 2023 (PDT)
      • "Congregations" or "Religious Congregations" would also work. While congregation might not be the best fit for a few communities, it would work and is common. --David Bains (talk) 04:21, 11 May 2023 (PDT)
        • Murky territory, it seems. I'm considering "Religious buildings", since locations and buildings fit well together, but then again, the articles are only partially about buildings, which brings me back to "institutions". And then I look and see we already have "Religious organizations" as a parent for "Churches", and that seems the simplest way to go. I'll give it a try and if I mess something up we can fix it later. --Dystopos (talk) 06:24, 11 May 2023 (PDT)
          • Now I'm thinking we could do both, since "churches" is such a large and familiar category, we could have both "Churches in Hoover" and "Religious organizations in Hoover" as categories without causing any real problems. --Dystopos (talk) 06:32, 11 May 2023 (PDT)