Dunbar-Abrams Community Center

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The Dunbar-Abrams Community Center is a community center located at 2715 6th Avenue North in Bessemer in the former Dunbar High School building. The center's executive director is Tyrone Alexander.

The community center is currently housed in the school's gymnasium building, which has been converted into an auditorium with design assistance from Studio Ammons of Petersburg, Virginia.

The foundation is working on a program, "Dunbar-Abrams Vision 2000 Community HOPE", which would utilize the now-vacant classroom wing for education and business-development programs. A future phase will include a day-care facility. The foundation's long term goals include renovating housing and restoring neighborhoods in the community.

The Alumni Foundation constructed a dental clinic on a corner of the campus, which is leased to the Sarrell Dental Clinic, generating revenues for continuing maintenance and renovation of the school building.


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