Plantation Patterns

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Plantation Patterns is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas that was founded by Tom Jernigan, William Jernigan, John Goodwin and James Stone in 1956. It is headquartered at 146 Resource Center Parkway in Birmingham with a product development and manufacturing plant in Selma and a logistics and distribution center in Leeds.

Plantation Patterns was re-incorporated as a public corporation by the Jemison Investment Company in 1962. The influx of capital was used to finance the launch of the United Chair Division, which was spun off into a separate company owned by Tom and William Jernigan.

Plantation Patters was later acquired by Meadowcraft, which operated it as an independent division. Meadowcraft sold it to Home Casual of Fitchburg, Wisconsin when it filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

The company was bought out by its management in 2011 and continued independently under president and CEO E.J. Marino. It was acquired by NBGHome of Austin, Texas in 2016. Marino retired, but chief operating officer Scott Crumrine remained as head of the division.