Regions Green Springs branch

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The Regions Greensprings Valley Avenue branch, originally the First National Bank of Birmingham Green Springs branch, and later the AmSouth Bank Green Springs branch, is a full-service branch bank office located at 100 Green Springs Highway, on the southwest corner of its intersection with West Valley Avenue in Homewood.

The rectangular, two-story, modern-style bank building was designed by Brandon Crawford & Associates and constructed by Brasfield & Gorrie. The walls are primarily of tinted glass, with a deep roof overhang supported on 7 cylindrical concrete pillars (4 on the north side and 3 on the south). The solid concrete-walled vault protrudes from the south wall, taking the place of the 8th pillar. The northwest corner entrance is recessed into the structure, with a covered outdoor automated teller machine. There are four drive-through windows on the east side, nearest the highway.

The branch opened on August 27, 1971 as First National Bank of Birmingham's 27th office. Sam Gentry Jr was the first branch manager, assisted by George Hinckley.


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