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Bham Now is a privately-held digital marketing and news website with offices located at 2309 Morris Avenue.

Bham Now describes itself as “the mobile, modern guide to Birmingham.” The site, founded in August 2016 by former Alabama Media Group president Cindy Martin, aims to, "create a healthier, smarter more prosperous Birmingham area for everyone," by amplifying positive stories, building community, and connecting audiences to local businesses and non-profits.

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Bham Now uses a teal-colored depiction of a bearded man's face as the site's icon, described as "a modern, hipster Vulcan."

Bham Now serves approximately 313,000 unique visitors each month. The vast majority of visitors (>80%) use mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. The publication has about 36,000 followers across all social media platforms.

Bham Now’s primary source of income is paid content. The site offers multiple types of coverage, ranging from posting content directly on behalf of clients to researching and writing content that a client wants to tie to its brand.

In addition to paid content, Bham Now hosts advertisements. This is notable because the site does not offload ad traffic to a syndicated network.

In January 2021, the company moved to permanent offices on the ground floor of an historic building on Morris Avenue, utilizing co-working space at Forge in the Pizitz Building prior.


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