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The Harbert Corporation was a construction, energy and investment company founded in 1949 by John Harbert III, B. L. Harbert and two engineers. The corporation continued John Harbert's construction activities, which he began after World War II. The corporation's first major project was a five-span bridge constructed in Autauga County.

The corporation expanded by investing in coal-mining leases, by developing oil pipelines, generating electricity, developing real estate and quarrying limestone in addition to major construction projects on five continents. The construction division operated as Harbert Construction until it was sold off in 1993 to Raytheon Engineering.

John Harbert stepped down in 1990, promoting his son Raymond to president and CEO of the company. He sold the company's oil and gas assets in 1992 in order to focus on power generation with alternative fuels. In 1993 the construction division was sold to Raytheon Engineering.

Harbert's real estate and capital divisions now do business as Harbert Management Corporation. A new construction company, B. L. Harbert International, was formed in 2000 by Billy Harbert, Jr.


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