Pilgrim Congregational Hall

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Pilgrim Congregational Hall was a three-story, pressed-brick meeting house constructed by Pilgrim Congregational Church in 1907. It was located at 725 19th Street North, on land presently occupied by the Birmingham City Hall.

One of the first projects undertaken by architect David O. Whilldin after he established his solo practice, the Beaux-Arts style rectangular building featured three tall arches on the front with prominent keystones, divided by brick pilasters. A deep projecting cornice capped the top of the facade while the central doorway was crowned by a pediment supported on carved brackets.

The congregation used the building for only eight years or so before falling dormant. The congregation was reorganized in 1928, but had by then disposed of the former meeting hall and borrowed space in the downtown YMCA.

By 1940 the Congregational Hall was being used by the Salvation Army. The building was demolished to make way for Birmingham's new City Hall of 1950.


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