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The Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System is a proposed network of walking trails and bicycle paths for the Birmingham area developed by the Freshwater Land Trust and unveiled in February 2012.

Preliminary planning was undertaken with broad public input, under the "Our One Mile" program. Additional inspiration came from the 1924 Olmsted Brothers plan for a system of parks and protected ridgetop views and flood plains.

As planned, the system would include 250 miles of greenway trails and 500 miles of on-street walking and cycling paths connecting numerous neighborhoods with arterial greenways and recreational destinations in 29 cities. Six major corridors would follow streams and rivers across the district, and also make use of abandoned rail corridors and re-designed streets. "Blueways", also envisioned as part of the system, would accommodate canoeing and kayaking.

The entire project is estimated to cost over $200 million to construct over three decades or more. The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham will incorporate the system into its long-range transportation improvement program, facilitating applications for federal grant funding for specific projects within the comprehensive system.

In June 2023 the Freshwater Land Trust announced that 129 miles had been completed. In August they unveiled a "Red Rock Action Plan" to prioritize completion of a 36-mile continuous loop from Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve to Red Mountain Park. A health, transportation and economic benefits analysis of the Action Plan by Alta Design + Planning of Portland, Oregon claimed that the amenity could provide up to $25 million in annual benefits to the region.

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