Valley Creek

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Valley Creek is a 46-mile-long stream draining 257 square miles of western Jones Valley.

The stream originates from various springs and drainage basins in west and southwest Birmingham, and is covered over for most of its course until emerging at a headwall near the intersection of 7th Street and 4th Terrace North at the western terminus of 5th Avenue North.

It continues, paralleling 3rd Avenue West, and is joined by Holly Spring, draining the Green Springs area, just past Center Street.

The creek flows southwest toward the northern edge of Bessemer, then bends northward, emptying into the Black Warrior River near Camp Oliver, below the confluence of Locust Fork and Mulberry Fork.

West of Center Street in Birmingham the creek divides streets named "west" from those called "southwest".

Birmingham's first sewer system, a 15-mile network of brick tunnels constructed in the 1880s, flowed out into Valley Creek about two miles south of the city limits.

Points along Valley Creek