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The Republic Steel & Iron Company was a consolidated industrial company incorporated under the laws of New Jersey on May 3, 1899 with a capital stock of $55 million. The company was headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with operations all across the eastern United States. William Hassinger, who was based in Birmingham, served as vice president and Southern manager for the company.

Republic's major holding in the Birmingham District was the Pioneer Mining and Manufacturing Company which operated the Pioneer Furnaces at Thomas, along with numerous mines on 26,000 acres of coal beds, coke ovens, and the Thomas & Sayreton Railroad. The company also took over Hassinger's Alabama Works rolling mill at Gate City, and briefly held interests in the Bessemer Steel Plant, Bessemer Steel Rail Mill, Birmingham Open Hearth Steel Plant, and Birmingham Rolling Mill Works. John Henry Adams was manager of the district operations.

Republic expanded the Thomas Furnace plant with a third blast furnace, the largest in the district, in 1902. They rebuilt the two older furnaces the following year. The company was a major participant in the "Alabama Mineral Exhibit" at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St Louis, Missouri. Hassinger resigned to pursue other opportunities in 1906. Adams retired the same year.

Republic replaced the coke battery with Koppers-Becker ovens in 1925. The Cleveland, Ohio-based Republic Steel Corporation acquired all of the Republic Steel & Iron Company's Alabama properties in 1930.